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11:11 Truth!

Posted: August 4, 2010 by ElevenElevenTruth in 11:11
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Have you been seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1111 all over the place?  You probably have if you ended up on this blog. Maybe you’ve seen it on clocks, microwaves, television, and books. Perhaps you have seen it so often that you finally came to take a look on the web – you might have done a search to find out if others have seen the same thing. You were stunned when you found that the “11:11” phenomenon has been happening to people for years. You were simultaneously relieved and discomfited when you discovered there are so MANY OF US!

If we’ve just described you, then welcome to our blog. We hope that we can bust the myths surrounding the phenomenon of  “11:11”, and help people to avoid being MANIPULATED by the EXPLANATION of 11:11. You don’t have to automatically assume that you are called to be a New Age “Lightworker” because you saw some numbers on your microwave or or digital clock. If you’ve seen it consistently, to the point you felt driven to try to find answers on the web, then it probably does mean something. But it would be a shame to allow someone else to just shove you into a pre-labeled box and give you patented instructions before you even get a chance to make up your own mind.

That’s why we are here. To discuss it. To look at whatever evidence we can find, and to examine it all in the light of God’s word, the Holy Christian Bible.

Is it prophecy? Is it a vision? Is it synchronicity? Is it a sign?

As we examine the information we find on the subject of 11:11, we will be asking basic questions about the content we find on various web sites dedicated to the subject, in order to see if we can get to the bottom of the mystery:

  • What is 11:11, really?
  • How are we being “triggered” to see 11:11 everywhere?
  • Who set the agenda for 11:11, and what is the plan?
  • Who set off the “trigger”?
  • What do we do with it now?
  • Do we have any say in this matter?
  • What can we learn about this from understanding God’s Word, the Bible?

We don’t claim we have all the answers about 11:11, but we do have some. We do know a lie when we hear one, and we know false information when we see it.

So as we go on our journey of discovery, we will be reviewing blogs and web sites on the subject of 11:11. We will inevitably branch out into other areas, just as we did with Pastor C. Covert’s paper on the Nephilim, since the subject came up in the course of reading about 11:11. We’ll touch on a lot of areas of the New World Order, New Age religion, esoteric mystery and how disciples of Jesus see these things.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ, you don’t have to leave. Stay a while, and ask questions. If we don’t know the answers, we will find someone who does.

Stay tuned. We have a lot to share with you. Meanwhile, know that you are not alone. We will walk this path together, with the Holy Spirit as our Counselor. The truth will be revealed, and we will all be set free.

Peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ.


Eleven Eleven Truth