Who Are We?

We are people like you.

We’ve seen some videos, read some web sites, watched the news, and we feel that things are just not adding up.

We don’t see the whole picture, but we’ve got a lot of the pieces of the puzzle put together.

We have seen the mythology that is being pushed out there in the World, and we have decided to respond with TRUTH.

Our benchmark is the Bible. The Holy Spirit is our Guide. We’re watching the anti-Christs of this world fool the masses, but we know that people are starting to wake up.

We hope you’ll join us in our search for the truth of what is happening. We need to know what time it is. We need to look at world events in the light of biblical prophecy.

But be warned… We are not just another prophecy web site. What we show you may shake you up.

We’re not here to make you fear. We are here to set you free.