Master Numbers Everywhere

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If you are new to this blog, please read the other posts to get an idea of what we are about. You will be able to tell by some of the comments that we aren’t popular with the New Agers out there. But you will also be able to tell that we, too, have been having the same experience of seeing 11:11 and other “Master Numbers” everywhere.

There is one who fancies himself the master of the universe. His number is the number of man, and we know it to be six hundred, sixty and six.

Does anyone wonder that his ‘friends’ – the demons, the ‘spirit guides’ or ‘spirit guardians’ – want to help get humans wrapped up in the meaning of numbers?

Jesus said that Satan is a liar, and the father of lies. He said that Satan was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. He can appear as an angel of light. People with itching ears, always looking for new teachers and masters, will gladly listen to ‘new’ spirituality, and they will happily follow a ‘spirit guide’, even giving themselves over to be inhabited by such spirits in the hope of enlightenment that puts them a few steps ahead of their friends.

11:11 is not a fad. It’s a carefully planned, masterful deception.

Question everything, and test it against the Word of God!


11:11 – It’s Coming

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The eleventh hour will come.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month in 2011 will come.

11:11 o’clock will happen twice for those who use a twelve-hour clock. It will happen once for those who go by military time; it will happen on 11/11/11.

Superstitious behavior is rampant right now, and people seem to revel in it. Every year people get excited. In 2008 it was on 8/8/08. In 2009 it was on 9/9/09. Those into numerology especially expected things to happen on these “auspicious” days. There were those who even watched 10/10/10, 1/1/2011 and 1/11/11.

Considering the fact that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, we should ask the question: is there something to the 11:11 phenomenon?

Funny creatures that we are, we are stuck in the paradigm of TIME. God exists outside of time, and we, His creatures, are locked in time. Time has an effect on us all, and God utilizes time to work His will in our lives. The entire creation is right on time, as a matter of fact.

We are so interested in knowing the future that we spend our “now” looking into what may happen while what is happening goes by unnoticed. This is a foolish way to live our lives.

The time will come for Jesus to return to the earth. He will come as a conquering King the next time He comes. He will set things right, and those who yearn for and love His appearing will be glad to submit to His rule.

Jesus said of His return: “No man knows the hour or the day except my Father in Heaven”. People have been trying to predict the end of the world ever since Jesus spoke these words. No matter how much time has passed, we mustn’t fool ourselves into thinking that:

a. We can predict the day or the hour, or

b. We can’t have any idea of the season of His return.

Either extreme is dangerous to our spiritual health. If we are not asking God to help us to discern the times we are in, we are foolish, for it is HE who set the sun and the moon and the stars in their courses. They were not created for our worship, but for HIS glory.

11:11 will come and go. But Jesus will come as a thief in the night for those who are not prepared.

Are you ready?


Christianity “Lite” = Asleep In The Light by Pastor C. Covert

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(Today’s message from Pastor Covert is a warning, and I thought it was appropriate to share it here. Word to the wise. EET)


Picture yourself at a buffet in a restaurant. There you find meat, potatoes, veggies, bread and dessert. There’s even coffee or soda for those so inclined.

Then you notice an exotic food court, where you can have toasted scorpions, chocolate covered killer bees, and breaded deep-fried tarantulas. You can drink snake venom that has been dosed with antivenin so that it’s only scary to think of it, but it won’t really hurt you – or so they say.

Most people would pass by the exotic food court: some would exclaim at the oddities, while others would fear to even come into contact with the nasty so-called “food and drink”.

Yet, there are some who get bored eating regular food, and think their lives would be enhanced, if only by gaining bragging rights, by partaking in the very things that most people would shun.

And so it is with today’s sleeping Christians.

It is one thing to examine what the world is offering with the motive of comparing it to the truth of God’s word for the purpose of exposing the darkness to the light, and warning our brothers and sisters about it.

It is quite another thing to sample and pick and gnosh on worldly spiritual fare just so you can say you “tried” it. That is like cheating on your spouse, or committing idolatry (spiritual adultery).

Those who drag the world’s methods into their Christian walk are no longer entirely Christian, just as a mouse with human brain cells is no longer entirely a mouse.

There’s a song by Daniel Amos that contains the lyrics: “They smile like an angel but behind their eyes lies the door of the death house and the big surprise!”

Satan appears as an angel of light. He loves to appeal to our sense of sophistication! He wants us to question everything. And boy, do some of us love that game.

Jesus said that if your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is darkness, how great is that darkness.

How much darkness is enough to make your worldly associates think you’re cool? What if you have so much darkness that you already have sunk to playing “Devil’s Advocate” with your Christian friends about the goodness of God?

We need to develop a Theodicy – our explanation of God’s goodness and justice in the face of evil! We need to be able, as Paul exhorted us, to give an account for the faith that is in us.

If we are not even sure that God is good, and that His justice will prevail in the face of evil, then how can we even say we have faith?

Remember the ten virgins? Five were foolish, and five were wise. The wise ones were ready when the Bridegroom came, having brought extra oil for their lamps which was necessary because the wait became longer than they expected. The foolish ones were not ready, and had to go and buy more oil because their lamps had gone out. While they were away purchasing oil, the Bridegroom came and welcomed the wise virgins to the wedding. But the foolish were turned away as the strangers they were.

The strangers they had become…

Wake up, sleepers. You are asleep in the light. You are allowing the Devil to puff you up in your pride, and you are exchanging the truth of God for a lie. Will you become estranged from the Bridegroom so that you fool yourself into thinking you will be welcome to the wedding feast, when you aren’t even prepared for the wait?

So you think 11:11 is a special number, and that it is being whispered in your ear by loving gods or angel spirits?

Think again!

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end at 11:11 p.m. on December 21, 2012.

Let’s do the math, numerology style, since so many of you are into that.

11:11 = 4

December = 12(th month)

So, the date 12/21/2012 plus the time 11:11, would be computed as follows:

12 + 21 + 2012 + 11:11 =3156 = 15


3 + 3 + 5 + 4 = 15

15 = 6 – the number of man.

666 is the number of the Beast of Revelation.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Seeing prime numbers all over the place? So are we. But they aren’t messages from ascended masters, as the demons wish you to believe. They are a warning that the end of this Age is coming soon. The demons are mocking you by suggesting that you are hearing from spirit guides or spirit guardians. They got the “spirit” part right, but they are misleading you.

Does anyone have the intellectual integrity to even attempt to investigate whether we might be telling you the truth?


Yes! I said CRAPPY!

SPOILER ALERT (but then, how can you spoil something that stinks in the first place?)

Ah well, here goes…

Who WERE those people who were trying so hard to act? I can’t remember any of the names of their characters, let alone who the poor actors were.

And what exactly was their line of work in the movie? Aside from some artwork on a sketchpad that looked like 80’s graffiti revisited, I could see nothing noteworthy or recognizable in it. The plug for Alpha Romeo kind of seemed pathetic in that stinking loser of a movie!

What was the plot?

A bunch of hedonistic people who are cheating on each other, partying until they drop, spying on their neighbors, spending money on wastefulness, and flaunting their wealth get attacked by aliens that are hideous and powerful. The aliens use a bright light to locate and transfix the victims, sucking them up into their crafts.

The “hero-first-class” has become partly infected with alien DNA because he looked into the light and then got knocked out of the way by his friends. He was growing some of the alien mess in his own body, and he has a pregnant girlfriend who had the same thing happen to her. After she gets knocked out of the way by her friends, she grabs her belly, and I think she’s going to say the baby is gone, but… wait for it.

In one scene, one of the forgettable characters, upon seeing hundreds of humans rising up in the air toward one of the space crafts says, “It’s like a g__-d____ed Rapture”. (They must have seen the Illuminati/New World Order Playing Cards, too, hm)?

What do the aliens want? Human brains. They have created bio-mechanical beings that have no brains, and so the monsters go out and collect people, remove their brains and spinal columns, then put them into the brainless creatures that are waiting on the mother ship.

The U.S. military comes to the rescue, and several Stealth Bombers and Blackhawk-Down moments later (why do they love to destroy helicopters in Hollywood?), one lone aircraft successfully launches a nuke into the mess. But the aliens get p’d off, and the Mothership just repairs itself and the visitors continue their search and destroy mission. Now the few survivors have been exposed to radiation, but they have clear skin and no boils on them and keep trucking.

The lone “hero-second-class” is left alone in the high-rise hedonist’s pad and turns on the gas range as he watches the monsters breaching the window. Just before the monster gets him, he kisses his crucifix, says; “Vaya con Dios, you son of a bitch”, lights a lighter and blows himself and the alien all to Hell. I had to just laugh and scratch my head. “Go with God, you son of a bitch.” Is that a curse? Or is that a blessing? That is the kind of self-conscious nonsense you find all through this movie. Someone wanted to implant some memes into the mind of the general public, and it obviously didn’t matter at all what the script was. There were two levels present in the movie, but it stank so badly that hopefully they won’t get to make that sequel.

Back to the movie:

In the end everyone but the hero and his pregnant girlfriend die. Um, well, his body is disposed of but his red brain (all the others are blue) is put into a brainless body that suddenly starts protecting his girlfriend, and by placing his hand on her belly and touching her forehead, she knows it is her beloved jerk of a boyfriend. (I called it when I saw the red brain).

Of course, the machine she is in has discovered that she is pregnant, and has dropped her just before her brain extraction. Obviously they are making room for a sequel where there will be a little hybrid baby – it has to be a hybrid because why would they keep an undeveloped human brain (if one can possibly follow the logic of this farce), and of course she must be kept alive at least to nurse it. I guess her monster boyfriend will cut a deal or something in the sequel.

As to the worn out visual effects – I can’t call them special at all. In fact, some of them were reminiscent of War of the Worlds with Mr. Tom “Scientology” Cruise.

This is another one of those “hopeless” movies. I can, unfortunately, see how really impressionable teens might become severely depressed watching this. Kind of like the Fourth Kind – a loser of a movie with a hopeless ending.

Just a word to the wise:

Aliens are not from outer space. They are demons and fallen angels of old. They are not our friends, and swapping bubble-gum, sharing marshmallows around the campfire, receiving messages, or exchanging DNA with them will NOT help the situation here on earth. They are doomed to HELL, and they know it. Their job is to see to it that YOU don’t find out. The blood of Yeshua/Jesus is against them. The question is, are you covered by that blood? That is your only protection.

My advice is not to waste your money, time, or most especially, your brain cells on this movie. Better to go visit one of the new links I have added under the UFO heading if you want a REAL feast for your mind.

Don’t let the enemy take anything from you.

May Yeshua/Jesus open your eyes today.




By [i]Conundrum[ii]404

Anyone who knows about reading science fiction knows that one must “suspend disbelief” in order to accept a premise – no matter how wild – so that one can get into the story and truly enjoy it. Really good writers of science fiction know how to tie their plots, characters and setting into true and real historical settings. They do their research. They know their subject very well, and because of all the wonderful details they place in the story, they make it more believable.

In Part One of this series ( I tackled the thought that there was a “ruling elite” that has a plan for our world, and that we have been being pre-conditioned to accept that plan through movies, television, newspapers, internet, radio and a variety of other methods.


I’ve always considered science fiction to be a sort of modern-day prophecy: a peek into what our scientists are really doing. Some of our greatest science fiction writers have been highly intellectual and educated men. I do not say that these “prophets” were necessarily Biblical in their prophecy, but I mean that they were foretelling (or forth-telling) those amazing details that the general population of the world could not even imagine, yet which later came true. HOW such prophecies could come to light is a subject for discussion a little later, but it is useful to note that the term “prophet”, while not a “scientific” word, will prove to be a word with which we simply cannot dispense as we analyze the [iv]memes that have arisen as a result of the prognostications and ideas inherent in the very plausible fiction of these writers.

Some of the authors of famous science fiction write (or wrote) from a philosophical standpoint, with enough solid physical science and knowledge of the general universe to create a plausible story in which the readers could become immersed.

C.S. (Jack) Lewis was one such author, whose prescience of things to come was amazing given the years in which he wrote his celebrated space trilogy, Out of the Silent Planet,  Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength (copyrighted in 1938, 1944 and 1945-1946 respectively). These books tackled the motive behind our world’s desire to expand beyond our polluted borders and have some sort of descendants of humanity on galactic outposts. Jack’s explanation of the penchant for humans to do the wrong thing for the wrong motive was poignantly interwoven with the reality of the spiritual warfare that exists in our world: the battle between darkness and light.

Mr. Lewis, who was an professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at Oxford and Cambridge universities began as an atheist, once set out to disprove the existence of God (YHWH, or Jehovah), and found that instead he proved the existence of God the Father, Adonai Elohim, who sent His own son, Jesus (Yeshua) to die for mankind in order to reconcile them to Himself. Mr. Lewis had a keen understanding of man’s fallen nature, and realized that without the help of the Holy Spirit, man would always make the wrong choice because he would always believe that the end justified the means, and small people would fall to the evil will and intentions of the big people. His eloquence and spiritual insight were far ahead of his time, and he displayed a keen understanding of the war that was going to take over the world.

After all, Mr. Lewis lived during the time of [v]Hitler and the [vi]Second World War. He wrote of rationing, bomb shelters and blackout time even in his children’s literature, The Chronicles of Narnia. It is reasonable therefore to assume that, being a highly educated man, he must have known about some of the experiments Hitler was attempting to do in order to usher in the Novus Ordo Seclorum – the new order of the ages, or, The New World Order.

Other authors of science fiction write (or wrote) from a scientific standpoint, and their ultimate goal seems to have been the expanding of our minds to try to understand what could (and possibly, from their vantage point, should) be. [vii]Isaac Asimov practically defined the laws of robotics by which many other writers framed their own stories. Furthermore, he saw the possibilities of a positronic brain, and others followed suit.

I, Robot gave the world the thought of a self-aware robot that still had certain restraints due to the three laws of Robotics. Gene Roddenberry’s “Data” character from Star Trek – The Next Generation,  uses Mr. Asimov’s idea of a robot that can evolve to become self-aware, with artificial intelligence that can desire emotion. Bi-Centennial Man showed that Andrew, the robot, eventually achieved the status of a human being, and Star Trek’s “Data” got an emotion chip, could play music perfectly, and learned to tell a joke. Mr. Roddenberry not only gave a nod to Mr. Asimov: he embraced his theories.

Furthermore, the psycho-social-political-scientific setting for the Foundation series showed that Mr. Asimov did indeed have a sense of order, abhorred chaos, and appreciated the impact of science on the world, while still believing that humans had something that robots never truly would have, though the robots could come close once they were started in the right general direction. There is no real God in Asimov’s writing, but there is a certain moral compass. Asimov’s influence on the genre of science fiction was tremendous, and he is one whom I consider to be a sort of prophet of the science community.

Ray Bradbury, in The Long Years, from The Illustrated Man, a man named Hathaway has retired on Mars. His beloved wife and family have died, so he has created androids in their image so that he doesn’t have to be alone. As he is preparing to die, he asks the visiting Captain Wilder not to trouble his android family with his death because they will not understand. Captain Wilder leaves the android family on Mars after Hathaway’s death, and readers are left to realize that they continue their daily life without Hathaway.

Mr. Bradbury had a darker view of the future, and was preoccupied with Mars as a place that could be explored and settled.

Of course, Mr. Lewis also began his space trilogy with Mars – or Malacandra, as the natives called it. H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (written in 1898) was made famous by Orson Welles, who broadcast the terrifying story of invaders from Mars landing on the earth and terrorizing humanity as a Halloween prank on October 30, 1938. Mr. Lewis makes reference to this work in his preface to Out of the Silent Planet, which reads thus:

“NOTE: Certain slighting references to earlier stories of this type which will be found in the following pages have been put there for purely dramatic purposes. The author would be sorry if any reader supposed he was too stupid to have enjoyed Mr. H.G. Wells’s fantasies or too ungrateful to acknowledge his debt to them. C.S.L.”

This fascination – this love-hate relationship we humans have with Mars and outer space is not new. Before movies and books there were radio shows and newspapers, and before that even pictographs and hieroglyphics dating back as far as the ancient Sumerians who, like the later Egyptians, told their stories in clay figures, in cuneiform, and on the walls of caves, shrines and burial tombs.


In the truly horrible movie, The Fourth Kind, [spoiler alert] the audience is left to believe that ancient Sumerian gods [demons] are abducting humans and conducting experiments on them. They appear to subjects as barn owls, and under hypnosis people suddenly recall horrible experiments that the little gray aliens are performing on them. These aliens have the ability to inhabit the body of the victim and speak ancient Sumerian, claiming that they are our god and that they created us, therefore they have the right to take their victims and experiment on them.

The Fourth Kind was hideous for three very important reasons:

1.       It was fiction that was presented as fact, and as such was heart-rending and traumatizing because viewers were forced to watch what was presented as real footage of a man killing his family and then himself so that “they” wouldn’t be able to experiment on them anymore.

2.       Though the main character, a Dr. Abigail Tyler, is shown praying over dinner with her blind daughter and hostile teenage son, and though she uses the name of Jesus for that prayer, in the end it is the Sumerian gods that steal her daughter and later inhabit Abigail’s body in order to savagely deliver their message that they are god!

3.       The movie left us with no hope at all. The poor woman’s daughter was gone, she lost her own health when the demon inhabited her and left her a paraplegic, and she has become a broken-down wretch with no hope.

Usually I research a movie before I watch it, because I am looking for clues and connections that can help me make sense of certain experiences of my own. I should have researched The Fourth Kind before I watched it, because if I had I would have realized that it was a fraud. Though it may have been a fairly accurate compilation of events that have really happened to victims of alien encounters and abductions, the drama surrounding the dissemination of these “facts” was utterly fictional and slanted. Any credibility that might have been gained through the method the movie employed to tell the story was lost once we all discovered that the so-called “real” Dr. Abigail Tyler was really actress Charlotte Milchard, even though Milla Jovovich was playing the “dramatized” Dr. Tyler opposite a woman who was supposedly the real-life victim of these events which allegedly took place in Nome, Alaska.

So who cares? If the movie was no good, why bother talking about it?

Let’s just call it the “Sumerian connection”.

To explain, here is a quick history lesson of the ancient world as concerns this topic:

According to some scholars, the great flood of Noah happened somewhere between 2500 and 2304 B.C.

The building of the Tower of Babel by Nimrod is thought to have been somewhere around 2200 B.C., give or take a century.

Egypt is thought to have been established by Mizraim, son of Ham, who was cursed for exposing his father’s (Noah’s )nakedness after the flood.  Mizraim is thought to have rebelled against the God of Noah, and to have founded Egypt (synonymous with Mizraim) on the Nile after the dispersion of the Tower of Babel. This would mean that Egypt did not pre-date the flood of Noah, nor did it pre-date the Tower of Babel. This information will be important later on.

In large part I owe the following time line to and, from which I extrapolated much of the following information.

I.                    The Old Babylonian Period – 2000 – 1595 B.C.
a.       The Ammorites
b.      Sumero-Akkadian civilization with cuneiform writing in the Akkadian language, and the Sumerian language died out as a spoken language, but is still used by scholars and historians.
c.       Hammurapi’s (a.k.a. Hammurabi) Code brought law to the land.
d.      The city-state of Babylon(ia) had been established by Hammurapi.
e.      An, Enlik and Enki headed the religious pantheon of gods, and the chief god was Marduk.
f.        Kassites conquered Babylonia, putting an end to progress for approximately 400 years.
g.       Sealand, a Sumerian nation, continuously attacked Babylonia, but the Kassites eventually drove them back.
h.      The Hittites sacked Babylonia and then withdrew, and the Kassites once more regained control of Babylonia.
II.                  The Middle Babylonian Period – 1595 – 1000 B.C.
a.       The Kassite dynasty was established in 1595.
b.      Rivals with Elam and Assyria
c.       Nebuchadnezzar I was ruler from 1125 – 1104 B.C.
d.      The Arameans brought chaos to Babylonia
III.                The Neo-Babylonian Period – 1000 – 539 B.C.
a.       Assyria made alliances with Babylonian kings
b.      Astrology and worship of astrological deities – 747 – 734 B.C.
c.       Tiglath Pelisir III conquered Babylonia – 744 – 727 B.C.
d.      Babylonian Chronicles are cuneiform tablets that recorded events from 605 – 598 B.C.
i.      Battle of Carchemish – 605 B.C.
ii.      Nebuchadnezzar II crowned
iii.      Capture of Jerusalem – 598 B.C.
e.      Merodach-baladan II troubles Assyrians in Babylonia for years – 721 – 710 B.C.
f.        Sennecharib controls Babylonia from 704 – 681 B.C.
g.       Ashurbanipal reigns from 668 – 627 B.C.
h.      Rise of Persian empire – 653 B.C.
i.         Nabopolassar reigns from 625 – 605 B.C.
j.        Nebuchadnezzar II returned to the throne.
k.       Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon and liberated the Jews – 539 B.C.
IV.                Post Babylon(ia)
a.       Alexandar the Great of Macedon conquers Mesopotamia (the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) – 331 B.C.

From comes the following overview of the rule of what began as Babylonia and ended as Iraq:

“Successively ruled by the Assyrian, Medo-Persian, Seleucid and Parthian empires during the Iron Age and Classical Antiquity, Iraq was conquered by the Rashidun Caliphate and became a center of the Islamic Golden Age during the medieval Abbasid Caliphate. After a series of invasions and conquest by the Mongols and Turkmens, Iraq fell under Ottoman rule in the 16th century, intermittently falling under Mamluk and Safavid control.”

It is interesting to note that Saddam Hussein believed himself to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar II, and he sought to restore Iraq to the former glory of Babylon.

It is impossible to please everyone with the compilation of dates, since there are many methods of arriving at conclusions based on much scientific evidence, written history, and vested interest in making things “fit” a certain world view. Those people who wish to discredit the existence of a Creator will not sit still for the possibility that Adonai God, or YHWH, created the heavens, the earth and everything else. Thus they will not agree with the historical records that are part of the history of the world according to the Bible.

This is the part where you, the reader, must answer the question in the subtitle of this paper:

Do you really have an open mind? Then prove it.


Stop accepting the “History Channel” version of Creation and Civilizations, and read the Biblical accounts for yourself. If you haven’t read the Bible, you can’t possibly say that you “know” that it has been tampered with or is inaccurate! Stop parroting what others say and read it for yourself.

In fact, do the math problems intrinsic to the historical accounts, and figure out the timelines for the creation to the flood according to the ages of the people mentioned. Then do the math from the flood to the coming of Christ. This is real research, and if you have an open mind, you will read it and do the homework which will prepare you for the next installment.

What does this all have to do with 11:11 and the New Age?

Stay tuned for part three.


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(Note: Pastor C. Covert gave permission for this paper to be reprinted here. EET)


Dear American Christians;

You have been lulled into a false sense of security. You think that it doesn’t matter what happens in the world because you have scheduled your Flight out of here before the Tribulation begins. You think you will be resting in your mansion in heaven while all Hell breaks loose on earth – literally. You don’t think you owe anything to anyone – no need to be here to lead people to Christ during the Tribulation, because the poor suckers who got “left behind” will make up for not being good enough to go in the Rapture by evangelizing the people who are getting hit left and right by plagues!

Christians WAKE UP! There Is NO RAPTURE – Secret or Otherwise! We were promised that Jesus would return to the earth for His Church (this has always been known as the Second Coming of Christ), but certain things had to happen first.

STOP READING TRASHY “Christian” FICTION AND OPEN YOUR BIBLES! You are in serious peril if you don’t wake up and read the scriptures for yourself!

You have been lied to for many years from the pulpits of degenerate American Churches – the 501(c)(3),  IRS-friendly business corporations who have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark! The Rapture doctrine is a lie that sells books, CDs and DVDs, steals the hope of true believers in Christ, and will help Satan gain the souls of many weak and carnal Christians.

Think about it! In whose best interest is it to propagate the lie of the Rapture? Wouldn’t it be to benefit SATAN’S plans to destroy as many Christians as possible while he can? What a cold-blooded shock it will be for all who discover that WE’VE ALL BEEN LEFT BEHIND because THERE IS NO RAPTURE! What a great falling away there will be when people who have been fooled for so long suddenly realize they’ve been had!

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if it turned out that you were witness to the rise of the Anti-Christ/Beast System, and that you hadn’t been rescued out of the world? Would you think that Jesus had abandoned you? Would you open your Bible to see what in the world is really happening? Or would you just fall into despair and kill yourself? Maybe you would simply stick out your right hand or offer your forehead and say: “Somebody MARK me!”

But if it is NOT in God’s plan for there to be a Secret Rapture, and yet He has promised to make a place in the wilderness for His own, doesn’t this give us hope? Or is the “Blessed Hope” really the escapist doctrine of a Secret Rapture that doesn’t really exist?

The return of Yeshua/Jesus Christ to the earth will not happen until AFTER the Anti-Christ has been revealed, and AFTER he has set himself up against God and all true believers in Christ. Jesus will destroy him with the breath of His mouth!

“But Pastor, God said Christians were not going to experience His WRATH!” That’s true, and the real believers will not have God’s wrath directed at them! But that does not mean WE won’t see it!

The United States of America is NOT and NEVER WAS a CHRISTIAN NATION! Anyone who has studied the writings of the Founding Fathers would know this. Yes, there have been Christians in America all along, but for over 200 years, the American Church has been gradually tainted by the World, by sin and by corruption.

One way this has been done is with the successful planting of the King James “Authorized” edition of the Bible in the Protestant church in America. As one brother recently pointed out, the King James Bible is the only translation of the Bible to have a cult grow up around it (not to be confused with cults that have changed the text and meaning of important scripture and doctrine, like the New World Translation of the Bible, published by the Watchtower Society and used by the [i]Jehovah’s Witnesses).

What many do not realize is that the King James Bible was re-translated under the “Authority of King James” by Sir Francis Bacon, a.k.a. William Shakespeare, a Bavarian Illuminatus, Freemason and Rosicrucian who edited the Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books of the Holy Bible out until it was whittled down to the ESOTERIC NUMBER of 66 books, and did VIOLENCE to the real meaning of the Holy Scriptures. Certainly Bacon could revel in the beauty of the lyrics and boast the most brilliant piece of literature the world has ever seen, while simultaneously pulling the wool over the eyes of Christians who would be forced to read his own slanted translation.

God can and does use that Bible, and many have come to the Lord because of it. But there is much truth that has been kept from the largest body of Protestant believers (Orthodox, Catholic and other Christian denominations all over the world read Bibles that are complete, and not the shortened King James version).

The American Church has been easily led and lied to about so many things that she has mostly lost her saltiness and will soon be overcome because she FAILED to discern WHO WAS TEACHING HER, WHAT THEY WERE TEACHING HER, AND WHAT HER END WOULD BE AS PUNISHMENT FOR HER GRADUAL APOSTASY!

The Rapture doctrine is a RECIPE FOR APOSTASY! It is really a blasphemous slap in the face to people who do not have the faith that Adonai God will care for His own in the time of the Great Tribulation. Especially American Christians believe that our nation is somehow special, and that since we do such great missionary works, we should get a pass from God and just sit out all the drama (yes, I’ve heard it put in just such a way).

Ask yourself this question:

Why should we American Christians be exempt when true believers are DYING ALL AROUND THE GLOBE FOR THEIR FAITH IN CHRIST?

If you aren’t angry, maybe you just aren’t alive. If you are angry, get on your knees and pray! Ask God to anoint your eyes to see while there is still time.

Want to know more? Here is some further reading for those who are willing to put in the footwork and perform their due diligence to find the truth.

Read 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, AFTER you ask the HOLY SPIRIT to OPEN YOUR EYES!

Also check out the following web pages for more understanding of what the Bible really teaches on the Great Tribulation and who will be there.

Pastor C. Covert

[i] Jehovah’s Witnesses – Watchtower Society is an organization that was founded by a 33rd Degree Freemason and makes its poor followers try to earn their salvation by selling books

The “Mizpah” Place

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(Note: Sister Cathian gave permission for this to be re-posted here. EET)


The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another. Genesis  31:49


I have come to a time I thought I would never see. A time when those in whom I had great confidence as believers have turned aside from the Narrow Way, and now they pursue the Wide Path of the World.

I looked around to see if I could find intercessors, but there were almost none to be found. I looked for a kindred heart, and a soul that loves Truth no matter what the cost, but I found very few.

Who removed the ancient boundary lines? Who threw rocks into the ancestral wells? Who trampled the vineyards of the poor? Who slaughtered the lambs for jealousy because of their favor in the Lord’s sight?

Too many of my brothers and sisters have been taken prisoner by the enemy, yet not one shot was fired. No one made resistance, no bloodshed: but each made his or her excuse for why it was better to just cooperate with the captors, rather than fight.

See the path where they fled together – captor and captive! See there are no marks to indicate a prisoner was taken, but the two walked together because they agreed! No lines as of a bound prisoner being dragged through the dust, but footprints of those who have no need of speed or stealth. What they have chosen is no secret, and they no longer have the sense to be ashamed.

The real battle is not even here; we are barely into the Overture! Yet too many of my brothers and sisters have been conquered by their own desires: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life. The dog returns to its vomit.

The Lord is married to the backslider, but this is no guarantee that the soul of him who does not listen to a warning will not suffer great perils. The watchmen sound the alarm, and the blood of the people is on their own heads because they have chosen to ignore the warning!

Will those who use the Lord’s name in vain make friends with Mammon while there is still time? Perhaps it will delay their labor pains, but the birth comes, inexorably, and nothing will ultimately stop it.

Who is for the Lord? By their fruit you will know them. By their obedience you will see their allegiance. By their words you will discern their hearts. By their love for Jesus’ disciples you will know if they are His. Let him who obeys the Lord and bows to no false Gods take comfort in His Lord Yahweh.

Who is for the World? Let him who steals, lusts, covets and works for vanity continue to do so.  Let him who fools himself continue to be fooled in the pride and sophistry of his own making.

The darkness is upon us when no man can work. He who trusts in the Lord will not be made ashamed. His inheritance is the Lord in Whom he trusts.

Those who pray must do so now, so that they will not be overtaken with fear at the flood that is coming.  No time is left for argument and debate.

[Conundrum404 is a contributing writer for this blog. This is the first posting in what is to be a series. EET]


Conspiracy Theories Regarding 11:11 “Spirit Guardians”

Part One

By [i]Conundrum[ii]404


We have all heard of a [iii]Conspiracy Theory. We call people who believe in and discuss such things Conspiracy Theorists. If we are right-leaning in our political ideology, we usually consider conspiracy theorists to be left-wingers; if we are left-leaning in our politics, we assume they must be right-wing radicals. If we are apolitical, then we blame the government, the people, or any [iv]heterogeneous mixture thereof. There are a number of other possibilities, and my examples are gross generalizations simply meant to help one understand how groups of people are divided against each other for the purpose of exploiting that division in order to achieve a desired end.

Most of us have been conditioned to have a [v]visceral reaction to information that we consider part of a conspiracy theory, and we tend to put such information under the category of Science Fiction, Political Propaganda, or the stuff of National Enquirer columns. Certainly we do not have a default setting that allows us to give automatic credence to the idea of a conspiracy; in fact, the [vi]de facto setting is quite the opposite.

In this position “paper”, I’m going to offer some theories about a possible conspiracy (or conspiracies) behind the 11:11 phenomenon.  I will be using Wikipedia for most of my endnote definitions for the sake of uniformity and accessibility for the reader, though serious researchers will want to do their own investigating.

This may be a wild ride, so put on your tin-foil hats, fasten your [vii]Orgone pendants around your necks, and buckle your seat belts. By the way, I love to say this:

There Are “Conspiracies, In Theory”, And Then There Are “Conspiracies, In Fact”.

In fact, the reason the mass media likes to say the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” with a knowing wink and a frowning nod is so that we will all look at each other with squinty eyes and distrust in our hearts at the very mention of the words.

Why? Because of [viii]Peer Pressure in a society where everyone is afraid to speak the truth that is in their hearts, lest they be thought of as [ix]Politically Incorrect!

Well, for just a few moments, it might be really helpful if you, my readers, decided to open your minds and hearts to the possibility that some conspiracies are true. That’s why the word “CONSPIRACY” was invented, and why certain forms of conspiracy are punishable in a court of law. The very nature of the word conjures up the images of secret meetings in dimly lit rooms where all participants are sworn to secrecy as they plot together to make things happen that will line their coffers with gold and ill-gotten gain.

So why is it that the word “Conspiracy” has become so scary? Why are we afraid to say that there are men and women having secret meetings, doing secret things to ordinary citizens, in order to make themselves richer and more powerful. Shouldn’t we shout the word CONSPIRACY at the top of our voices from all the rooftops in the land when we know that we have uncovered one?

You and I are being played for fools in so many ways. It’s not our faults – that is, we are not responsible for it if we have no way of finding out about it.

But once we DO find out, then there needs to be a reckoning!

The world has changed, my friends. The policeman is not friendly, the politician is not wholesome, the pharmacist is not there to help you, and the government is no longer “of, by and for the people”. It is time to WAKE UP and SMELL THE CONSPIRACIES before it is TOO LATE!

There. Now you know where I stand, and you have a perfect excuse to leave this page before you are forced to hear another conspiracy “nut-job” hold forth and wax eloquent on the evils of government a la Hollywood.

Thanks for reading; you may feel free to stop now, if you are afraid that just by reading what I have to say, you will be implicated in the social sin of even considering possible conspiracies – even “little” ones like the conspiracies behind the phenomenon of 11:11.


Still with me? Great, then let’s get down to cases.

Under no circumstances does the general public have a warm, fuzzy feeling when it hears the word “conspiracy”, and there are reasons for this. We are not meant to delve deeply into things beyond our knowledge these days; we are a nation of people who are being purposely “dumbed” down and put to sleep.

In fact, in order to give a (very) rough idea of the intelligence quotient of our nation, one statistician, as quoted in [x]Wikipedia, claims that the average IQ for the United States as of 2006 was 98! Why is this important? Because if an Intelligence Quotient is judged by the amount of academic knowledge a child has, then we can see that this generation is not drinking at the fountain of wisdom, but drinking the dregs of yesterday’s understanding while standing on the brink of tomorrow!

The less we know of our personal, cultural, national and world history (and not the [xi]revisionist kind), the less we understand the forces that have collectively brought their own sort of dominance and control upon our heads.

Back when I was in eighth grade, in order to enter high school, we were required to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, which reads as follows:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

We were expected to know The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, because, as future voting Citizens of the United States, we were to understand what our nation required of us, and what we required of our nation.

But today it is quite a different story. Instead of earning our grades based on our individual achievement, we have the heavily and rightly criticized [xii]“No Child Left Behind Act” and a public school system that is a propaganda tool for the reigning political/ideological platform.

Excellence is no longer rewarded: conformity receives the highest praise. Unique and forward-thinking students are tested for pliability; those who can be influenced to use their “gifts” to benefit the [xiii]Shadow Government are pushed into the appropriate “rows they will hoe”, while the non-conformists who ask the troublesome questions are marked as future troublemakers.

Today’s students who actually study history find that the world they are reading about in their textbooks is not the same world in which their parents and grandparents grew up. The student who has escaped the brainwashing of Entitlement and the patina of the “Me First Generation”: he who sits respectfully at his grandpa’s feet to learn a “thing or two” will have trouble reconciling the teachings of his socialist college professor to the bona fide memories of a man who lived through the Great Depression in the Dustbowl, who lost a wife in childbirth, and nearly died of shame standing in a line at the soup kitchen because he couldn’t find an honest day’s work.

In fact, households that allow unlimited, uncensored use of television are certain to find that their collective memories will have trouble abiding without the aid of a diary or surviving photographs, because revisionist history is the art du jour, every day. In fact, there’s even an entire television channel dedicated to revisionist history, aptly named: The History Channel.

Television made its debut in school in the late 60’s and early 70’s. At that time Walter Cronkite was moderating the “You Were There” series and Sonny Bono was telling us about the dangers of smoking pot. Films were first utilized to teach sex education, and “The Mouse That Roared” was required viewing for high school students. If children were really good, on the last day of school they could watch a Western or some Disney movie before they checked out for the summer.

But over the past 40 years television has been perfected, like a sharply honed knife, and has come of age as a tool of propaganda to dull the minds of the masses.

This isn’t the land of Ozzie and Harriet anymore. The ruling elite have an agenda and they are using Hollywood and Disney to put their messages in the mind of our nation’s children as we allow the television to be the electronic babysitter/nanny/educator. Television spends far more “quality” time with our children than we do as we work late chasing the Almighty dollar.

Television teaches our children that there is no God, but witchcraft, selfishness, disrespect and group-think are perfectly acceptable. Television is advancing the agenda of the ruling elite in subtle ways through music videos and “teen movies”. Morality is a code-word for intolerance, and the mention of sin is becoming hate-speech, and our children are lapping it up.

Our world is changing before our very eyes, and we are becoming obsolete. The emperors of the New World Order are training our children’s minds to rise up against us, and very soon now we will be helpless to stop it. They are succeeding, and they are doing it right under our noses as we browse the Internet, play our video games and read the Wall Street Journal.

Who Are “They”, And What Do They Want Of Us?

“They” are elite statesmen, world bankers, political leaders, crown heads and other movers and shakers who came together hundreds of years ago to form a New World Order. They mapped out a strategy to gain control of the world and all its resources, and then devised a method of insuring its success: keep it all in the “family”. This is meant quite literally. In fact, if one were to do a genealogy of many of today’s world leaders, it would be quite enlightening to see how many of them are related by blood.

The [xiv]Georgia Guidestones give us a very clear idea, though their directives are couched in pretty terms. New Age versions of the Ten Commandments, their directives are stated as follows:

1.      Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2.      Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

3.      Unite humanity with a living new language.

4.      Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

5.      Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6.      Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7.      Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8.      Balance personal rights with social duties.

9.      Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

10.   Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature

So, taking each of the ten guidelines in their turn, allow me to interpret the real meaning of the Georgia Guidestones for the uninitiated:

1.       The idea of maintaining humanity under 500,000,000 in “perpetual balance with nature” is akin to saying keep 60 jars of pickled beets to line up with the stars. A finite number is paired with a philosophical idea and the outcome is expected to make sense. The fact is, it does make sense if you realize that, nature be damned, the ruling elite are going to make sure there are enough artificial wars, genetically modified foods and diseases, and engineered droughts and famines to drastically reduce the population. Lather, rinse, repeat.

2.       Guiding reproduction wisely was God’s job, when He told Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply, subdue the earth and fill it. The “illumined” ones behind the Georgia Guidestones have different plans, which include eugenics, abortion, forced sterilization and other restrictions on all the nations of the world. Theirs are the only genes that must be allowed to multiply unhindered.

3.       The Tower of Babel in the Bible was man’s first attempt to become as God by building a tower to the heavens. God destroyed their tower, scattered the people and caused them all to speak different languages. The kings of the earth didn’t learn the lesson the first time, but they do prove that there is truly nothing new under the sun.

4.       The key word in the fourth “guideline” is “RULE”. They are very clear in their desire and intention to RULE. They will have ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT, AND ONE RELIGION – Antichrist is thy name!

5.       World Court naturally follows when you have a One World Government.

6.       The doctrine of FAIRNESS rears its head here. Raise the low and bring down the mighty – as long as the mighty are several echelons below the ruling elite.

7.       With One World Government, there won’t be any use for nations, therefore this is merely a ruse – a ploy to keep the mind occupied while the masters slap the shackles on the wrists and ankles of the slaves.

8.       There will be NO personal rights. Even now the only right we have is to breathe, and that is only because “they” haven’t figured out a way to tax the air and revoke it for nonpayment of taxes. On the other hand, social duties will be many and varied and inescapable, because we are being turned into a nation of stupid sheep!

9.       Whose truth? Whose definition of beauty? What love does the world know except love of self? And… of WHICH infinite do they speak? Sounds like a “Lucifer” thing… we wouldn’t understand.

10.   Be not a CANCER on the EARTH? Cancer cells are rebellious, runaway cells that take over healthy cells and multiply until there are not enough healthy cells to reject the cancer cells anymore. That is when metastasis happens. Sounds like the ruling elite and the New World Order to me!

As we can see, the itinerary for the world has long been planned. It remains only for the ruling elite to catch us napping long enough to put it into irreversible full swing. This seems like a good time to WAKE UP!

Some Possible Causes Of The 11:11 Phenomenon

I promised in the beginning (and in the title) of this paper to talk to you about 11:11 and my conspiracy theory surrounding it. Believe me, everything that I have said to you prior to this is necessary for laying the groundwork to do this.

Now that you know a bit about the WHY, I would like to throw out some ideas about HOW. Remember, there are multi-faceted plans with many-fingered repercussions and varied results expected. Outcomes are projected, trajectories predicted, and so many plots within plots that it would boggle the mind. After more than a decade of searching and researching, I wish to give only a small sampling of some possible causes and hoped-for outcomes related to the 11:11 Phenomenon.

Let me begin by sharing a story about a deck of cards. Playing cards, if you will. In fact, a deck of playing cards called the [xv]Illuminati New World Order Card Game. These cards were first released back in 1995. They predicted several well-known events in the recent history of our country: Hurricane Katrina; the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the explosion at the Pentagon.

The cards predict a “Rapture of the Christian Church” (a relatively new false doctrine that has the cream of the crop Christians going up to heaven in a secret “rapture” or catching away), except in the cards there are aliens there “midway” to help the Christians get to Jesus. One wonders if Jesus just can’t stand the atmosphere here, or if there is someone else’s hand in this – someone who doesn’t want to be seen until it’s too late?

Ever see the movie, “Knowing”? Remember the end? [Spoiler alert!] Aliens come to earth to take special children away to a new planet while the rest of humanity is destroyed in the wake of solar flares that fry everything on earth to a crispy cinder. The stars of the show were children who were “hearing” the whispered messages of alien/angels who were choosing which children to save based on their sensitivity and obedience to their message.

This is not a new message! We’ve been mocking and deriding witnesses for decades who have claimed to have implants in them that lead or guide them, and the voices in their heads tell them information that leads them in the way the owner of those voices wish for them to go.

Here is one way to manipulate people, and simultaneously find useful vessels for furthering the “Aliens’” plans:

[xvi]Extremely low frequency subliminal suggestions may be going out in waves daily for weeks, months and years in order to:

A.      Determine which individuals are capable of receiving suggestions in this manner

B.      Prepare a “story” for these individuals to find a la web sites highly promoted and visible on a well-funded and government-friendly search engine: say, Google

C.      Condition these individuals to participate in certain studies, experiments and activities that may be monitored, including:

a.       Monitoring Internet use to determine:

i.      Whom they are communicating with and for what purpose

ii.      What are they purchasing that may be indicative of a change in habits due to the message they have received

iii.      What are they doing personally to propagate the message to others

iv.      Which ones receive the message and accept the “rationale” that has become favorable among other recipients

v.      Which ones receive the message but reject the “rationale” and seek a different answer

b.      Monitoring telephone calls and digital text messages

c.       Monitoring daily activities via cell-phone/gps tracking to see if subject is:

i.      Meeting with others with the same experience

ii.      Going to government agencies or media outlets to possibly:

1.       Spread the message to the world

2.       Pay for a full-page ad refuting the message

Here Is A Spiritual Explanation:

Satan is behind the plot to get people who frequently see 11:11 to check the internet to see if others are experiencing the same disquieting events. He has commanded his demons to take over any individuals who will allow possession, and then he feeds them the information he wants them to “share” with the world. He tells them that they are being visited by:

A.      Spirit Guides

B.      Spirit Guardians

C.      Mid-wayers (Midwayers) – good spirits that are here to help you make the transition from the from [xvii]third or [xviii]fourth dimension to the [xix]fifth dimension, or [xx]five dimensional space

D.      Angels – sometimes specifically one’s own Guardian Angel

E.       Good and benevolent spirits that are wishing to:

a.       Give you a hug by showing you a number

b.      Tell you how to live your life

c.       Plug you into a new paradigm and help you get ready to shift with everyone else

Now, it is fascinating that fifth-dimensional space could be a factor here, because it has long been one of my theories that demons are behind the “alien” phenomenon, in conjunction and cooperation with the governments of many of our world’s nations. The trade-off is simple: people for technology.

Hard to swallow? Let me show you what the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle says about the destruction of mysterious Babylon of the prophesied Great Tribulation in the end times:

Rev 18:11-13

(11)  “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore:

(12)  merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble;

(13)  and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.

How scary is that?

Of course, we already know that human babies are being aborted and certain parts of their poor mutilated and dismembered bodies are sold to cosmetics firms, medical “research” and other respectable “industries”. We know that thousands upon thousands of children go missing every year all over the world, and the ones that are not murdered by an occasional serial murderer are generally sold into slavery and shipped off to foreign countries.

One could easily make a case for the cash-cow of the abortion industry being a boon to the economy of the medical profession and to the United States itself. Hm, does it really matter that these are wee little human beings and not pieces of tissue that are merely being excised from the body like a hangnail? But I digress.

What About The Merchandising Of Souls?

First we must explore how a soul could be brought under the control of someone other than oneself who might wish to merchandise it.

This is a very interesting question, which involves the exploration of [xxi]mind-control and the splitting of the human consciousness through trauma so that those who wish to may plant suggestions into their subjects’ minds, and then arrange those minds so that they cannot recall the act of splitting or suggestion; later, those minds may be triggered to activate a alternate personalities in order to carry out various activities they have been trained, educated and ordered to do under certain controlled circumstances.

It can also involve the misguided but deliberate efforts of some people to surrender themselves (the soul and identity) in order that an “ascended master” – a DEMON OF HELL MASQUERADING AS A SPIRIT/UAL GUIDE OR MASTER – to enter their bodies and speak for them. This is truly DEMON POSSESSION and the demons are not content to merely speak through someone periodically if they can get permission to remain within one’s body and take over their minds.

[xxii]Walk-ins are truly cases of demon possession where the soul leaves the body during great physical or emotional trauma, and a demon enters in the former soul’s place, resides in the body of the human and uses it for its own nefarious ends. The soul that abandons its body for a demon is a lost soul that will go where all the demons and fallen angels go at the end of the age.

Now that we have a few ideas of HOW the souls could be separated from their bodies or minds split into various alternates in order to do the bidding of a sinister master, we need to figure out WHO would want to do it, and WHAT could be their objective. Then we may have enough information to put the pieces together to posit a “WHEN” for the events that are to come.

Stay tuned for Part Two.


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Some people believe that the numbers 11:11 appear more frequently than any numbers on the digital clock. Coincidence? Are the numbers 11:11 the bump on the otherwise round tire – the one you notice most for some reason?

Think about it. Do you make a note of 2:36? Or 12:17? How about 6:29?

You are more apt to pick out 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 11:11, or 22:22 (military time).

Numerology is, roughly, the study of the esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or spiritual beings.

People who believe in numerology say that 11 and 22 and 33 and 44 and 55, etc., are “master numbers”. They especially believe that if you see 11, or 11:11, or 1111 it is a good omen. They believe that it signals the presence of good spirits or spirit guardians. They teach that we should open ourselves, even speak out loud to the “spirit guardians” and ask them what they would have us do! This is not only irresponsible, but dangerous.

Please allow me to explain.

When I began to see 11:11 over and over again, I decided to check the internet to see if others had seen the same thing. I found that there were quite a number of web sites that were either dedicated to the “mission” of the “spirit guardians”, or they at least had pages on a blog and comment threads that aired the subject in a public forum for all to see. I rejected most of what I found as being trite, and the trajectory similar to other devilish inspirations bent on fooling silly people into swallowing lies.

I went through the Christian Bible looking for special significance of 11. I went to the eleventh chapter and eleventh verse of several books of the Bible. While all Scripture is useful and good for edification and building up the Body of Christ, my approach to seeking the meaning of 11:11 was no better than holding the book on its spine and letting it fall open, closing my eyes and pointing my finger on the page, and then looking to see what it said.

My grandmother had a joke about “bibliomancy” (trying to use a book – in this case the Bible – for divination):

“I opened the Bible and pointed to a page. I read what it said: ‘Judas went and hung himself.’ Then I turned the book on its spine and let it fall open, pointed and read the admonition: ‘Go thou and do likewise’.”

As we can see, playing with the Scriptures is not the correct way to use the Bible.

That is how I feel about playing with the numbers 11:11. I mean, seriously? Are we going to accept that some unknown spirit, who, if it exists at all, has an agenda we do not know, and works for either God or the Devil, but we don’t know which, but whom we will trust because we keep seeing the number 11?

That is, in my opinion, the equivalent of spiritual Russian Roulette. We do not play with unseen spirits. We do not allow numbers to decide our future for us. We do not allow the ideology surrounding numerology to influence our lives simply because someone said this is a good idea!

Satan roams about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He may appear as an angel of light; he leads many astray with talk of “enlightenment”. Satan is sometimes called Lucifer – or “light bringer”, but his light is meant to bring great darkness to a soul. The name “Lucifer” is only found once in the Bible, and that only in the King James translation. It is not even a proper name for the devil, the adversary, or Satan. But that old serpent, the devil, has found a great use for that name, and one could take years discovering all the ways he has insinuated himself into esoteric studies and made himself an object of worship in the most “enlightened” and “illuminated” circles.

Jesus said that if our eye is whole then our body will be full of light, but if our eye is dark, then our body will be full of darkness.

Satan sends his demons and evil spirits to mimic dead people or “godly” angels. They are more than happy to tell us whatever we wish to hear, as long as it leads us farther and farther away from God. They will masquerade as “midwayers” or “guardian spirits” in order to belt us into our seats on the roller coaster to Hell.

How exquisitely stupid we humans can be: letting a little number open the door to spiritual hijacking instead of seeking the Lord who created the heavens and the earth. But hey, if you were Satan, wouldn’t you use every means available to steal God’s children away and get them focused on things that seem important while influencing them to  neglect their very souls? As long as they don’t see the wagon with the guillotine approaching until it is too late.

I’ve been mocked for believing in the existence of demons. Funny that people who believe in good and evil cannot extrapolate that concept into the greater existence of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit versus a fallen angel, the Serpent, Satan, and his cohorts.

But in all seriousness, Satan would much rather that we didn’t know he was real, because that makes his job so much easier.

Satan, or Lucifer as some love to call him, is not a poor misunderstood light bringer. He is not the brother of Jesus. He is not the cat in the red pajamas. He is not red with horns and a pitchfork and a “bifurcated tail”. He is not an equal opposite to Jesus the Son of God. He is not omnipotent, nor is he omniscient or omnipresent. He must use the aid of his minions to do his work, and he is greatly outnumbered by the pure and holy angels of the Most High God!

Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He wants to rob, kill and destroy. He hates God, and he hates God’s creation – YOU. He will do anything to get you off the track, separated from God, and isolated from the Truth.

For those who believe in numerology and receive “spiritual” insight and information, ask yourself: where does this information come from?

Some of it is “channeled”. In other words, a person listens to a demonic being speak and gives that information to other people. Usually this information is given to a person called a “medium”. The medium can hear what other humans cannot usually hear, making him or her of value to “mundane” or normal people. The problem with this is the medium is listening to demons who are masquerading as long-lost loved ones or “kind and gentle” spirit guides who mean to lead us into truth.

Just because someone is spiritual, it does not automatically mean they are GOOD spirits. There are people who are led astray by unholy spirits, just as there are people who are led into all truth by the Holy Spirit. We must learn to discern which spirit we have come into contact with, and there is a way to discover the truth.

Here is how you can tell if a spirit is lying to you. Ask the medium to say, “Jesus Christ is Lord!” If he can’t say it, and if he cannot praise Jesus, then he is not of God and you should away from him immediately.

If a “midwayer” comes to you through a medium, tell the midwayer to say, “Praise Jesus Christ!” If the midwayer refuses or suddenly begins to act strangely, then you know that you have contacted a demonic entity and not a pure and holy angel of God or the Holy Spirit.

An angel of God will be able to praise the Lord God, and will gladly give praise, saying, “Jesus Christ is Lord”. A pure and holy angel of God, one who has not fallen into sin with humans and taken up with Satan, will never receive to, or allow worship of, himself. He will never give glory to a human being and will never try to make you do something sinful.

Pure and holy angels are sometimes disguised as humans, and we entertain them without realizing it as they go about their business serving God by helping humans. However, they do not wish for us to worship them and they are servants of God.

Sometimes God’s pure and undefiled angels appear in a fearful and terrible aspect, and they must calm the fear of the humans that perceive them. Such was the case when Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she was going to become pregnant with Jesus, conceived not by a human man, but of the Holy Spirit: his first words to her were, “Fear not”.

There are many uses of numbers, but God’s pure and holy angels are not tied to our paltry superstition about numerology. Numerology, like astrology, takes a thing that was created and turns it into something that must be worshiped or consulted before we humans, who were created in God’s image, can act! The highest of God’s creation on this earth bows to a thing meant to either serve us, or which exists purely for God’s pleasure and is merely for us to observe. We are an idolatrous race since the fall of man, and we so easily attach importance to things that are not important, while we leave the most important things undone.

Let us cease from attempting to divine the will of “spirit guardians” through the appearance of 11:11. Instead, let us ask God what HE means for us to do with our lives. He will not be false with us, and He won’t be arbitrary in His commands. He loves us and does not wish for us to be in bondage to numerology, astrology, angelology or demonology. He wants us to come to Him in love so that He can redeem us by the blood of His dear Son, Jesus. When we receive Him in this way, we inherit the Kingdom of God, where one day we will JUDGE even the angels themselves.