Free Discussion

Sometimes you just need to vent, get out some thoughts, or share a moment of inspiration. Maybe you have something to say but it doesn’t quite fit with any of the posts (so far). So here is where you can just say your piece.

Da Rulz…

Keep it clean, respect the space, and remember that you may not see your post immediately because this is a moderated forum.

Flames and trolls will not make it through the screens. Bad language may be edited out with a notation like this: [edited]. If you censor your own language, we won’t have to do it for you.

Feel free to use an alias, but try to use just one alias. We would like to have the feeling of a community, and that works best when people are making an attempt to be somewhat honest and open about themselves. Always remember this IS the Internet! What you put here will stay here, and servers tend to save information even when bloggers delete posts. So exercise wisdom and modesty when you post.

With those few reminders in place, we hope you find this discussion board to be a positive place for meeting and chatting with others.



  1. conundrum404 says:

    Just wanted to mention that my e-mail has been stuffed full of stuff from that other 11:11 website, but since I told them I would not visit there again, I have simply deleted the notices from my mailbox. I figure if they want to flame me on their own site, they can do it until they are tired of it. Hopefully, some of the people from Soulcast will decide to talk WITH me in this forum.


  2. It’s easier to pitch rocks from behind hedgerows than to stand up and talk to someone. In the old days, people used to discuss differences. Persuasive speech was an art form, and an argument wasn’t a fight – it was an attempt to look at a “thing” from all angles.

    There is so much emotional rhetoric surrounding the topics we deal with here, that it begins to look like having a mature, circumspect conversation with someone who disagrees with us is going to be difficult.


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