Praying About…

… whatever you need to pray about. We are dedicating this space to making our needs and desires known to God. Here we will share our prayer requests with one another, and when we get answers to those prayers, we will share that, too. In fact, we will put up praise reports on the page called Praising God For…

  1. conundrum404 says:

    I’m praying that the GREAT DECEPTION that is coming to the World, in the form of so-called UFOs and Aliens, will be exposed for the demonic plot that it is! We know the Anti-Christ must come, but we pray that all who put their sincere faith in Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah will not be fooled, but will stand fast in Christ in spite of any lying signs and wonders they may see. May they be covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ! Amen!


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