Will Someone Want To “Catch Your Neck” On Judgment Day?

Posted: August 10, 2010 by ElevenElevenTruth in Tribulation & End Times
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I was reading an older *National Geographic magazine today – it was about Uygurs in China and their struggle for independence.

One man was talking to the author of the article, who was taping their conversation; the interviewer asked the native Uygur man about Rebiya Kadeer, who is practially the Uygur patron saint in their fight for freedom. The man being interviewed: “…froze. ‘If China finds this,’ he said, pointing to my voice recorder and then reaching for my throat in mock vengeance, ‘on Judgment Day I will catch your neck.'”

I asked myself, who would want to “catch my neck” on Judgment Day? Instantly I was transported back in time to revisit situations and events that could have produced such a reaction in someone else. It was a useful exercise, because it showed me that I still have some work to do.

It is interesting to me that when I look back on my life, the most glaring errors are the ones I made when I didn’t show others who Jesus really is. When I see times I didn’t show the love of Christ, or when I compromised with the World, I realize that I was leading others astray. It is easier to see that when I look at my past experiences with the occult. It is harder to see when I was just playing church with a bunch of people in a setting where everyone strives to look like each other, talk the same talk, walk the same walk and pattern their lives after some 21st Century facsimile of what “church” should look like.

I didn’t say the truth about my struggles. Therefore, by keeping silent, I let others struggle silently, too.

I didn’t stand up and question the hypocrisy I was seeing, because I didn’t want to rock the boat.

I didn’t come alongside the smelly hippy because I didn’t want “the stain of the world” on me.

I didn’t learn what it meant to be genuine, because what was modeled to the young and impressionable me was a false face that said: “Everything is okay here, Jesus makes me glad, and I have no problems that God can’t fix!”

Try that when you are comforting a widower with four children. Or a mother whose only child just died.

In fact, everything in this life eventually boils down to death. Death is where the rubber meets the road – where everything suddenly becomes very real. Oh, it’s not the words in the eulogy. It’s the stuff that happens afterward. It’s the truth that comes out when the living are no longer present to hide it. It’s the unfinished business, the grudges, the unanswered letters, the unrequited passions and the lack of closure for those who would like to “catch your neck” but now they’ll have to wait until Judgment Day.

Life is so full of contradictions, and if we don’t try to figure out the truth of who we are, and WHOSE we are, then we will probably leave behind a number of people who would like to catch our necks. But it won’t be for the reasons we might think.

It won’t be because we forgot to return a book to Aunt Mabel, but it will be because we didn’t share the most important book in our library with her: the Bible.

It won’t be because we owed Uncle Al $500 that we kept meaning to pay him back, but there were other things we wanted to do with the money. It will be because we forgot that we are to owe no man anything except the debt of love, and that is one debt we certainly still hadn’t paid Uncle Al. In fact, he hadn’t had a hug, a phone call or a birthday card ever since he lent that money because we felt guilty over owing him. So now he is gone and we won’t get to revisit that debt again until Judgment Day.

Oh yes, Judgment Day will come. And for everything we have done, both good and evil. we will receive a just reward.

Bert from the corner market – the guy we saw every day and with whom we shared a funny story or a complaint about the weather will ask us: “Why didn’t you tell me that Jesus could forgive me and cleanse me? Why didn’t you tell me I was a sinner? Why didn’t you tell me anything but your stupid jokes, and now I’m going to HELL?!”

Mrs. Crabtree at the library will say; “You saw me once a week for six years, and never once did you inquire about my soul! How could you have been so selfish not to share your faith with me?”

And God, in His wonderful grace, will still allow Jesus to stand up for us and say, “Yes, he did all these things, but he put his faith in the blood I shed on his behalf, so his debt is paid in full, and it’s just as if he never sinned.” And we will stand there, hanging our heads in humility and shame, weeping in sorrow because we wasted so much time.

Did you ever wonder why we disciples of Christ are promised different types of crowns if we overcome? I believe it is so that we have something to offer to cast before the true King of Kings – so we aren’t empty-handed when we wish to give Him something.

The best crown one could hope for would be the one that goes to the person who shared eternal life with others. The person who never wasted an opportunity to share the mercy and grace of God with a stranger, or a waitress, or a librarian, or a grandparent, or…

It’s not too late to make amends to those who still live. It is not too late to pay restitution to those we have robbed or cheated. It is not too late to talk to that neighbor or that relative about God.

So, ask yourself this question: “Who wants to catch my neck on Judgment Day?”

And get to work finding the answers. Once you know, bring the answers to God and ask Him to help you make amends, pay restitution, and get the boldness to tell someone the truth about God – even if it means telling the truth about yourself in order to explain why you don’t measure up to what God hopes you will be. If you will do this in good faith, God will bless your efforts.

May you have a crown on your head, and not hands around your neck, on the Judgment Day.


“The other Tibet” by Matthew Teague, National Geographic, December 2009


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