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When I first came to search the internet for the term “11:11”, there were several web sites I visited. It is my intention to review these sites for our readers so that they can see for themselves who is telling the the truth, the half truth, or nothing like the truth. If they don’t measure up to the TRUTH of GOD’S Word, then we will expose their words, thoughts, suggestions and commandments as LIES!

One of the first websites Google took us to was “SoulCast – The Meaning of 11:11 – Universal Laws – Spiritual Laws”.  (The preview says 404, but click the link anyway – it does work)…-Universal-laws…-Spiritual-Laws…#

Alex Leonard describes himself as a “lightworker”: formerly a “shadow of light” – and he goes by the moniker “Shiva Tali”.

Mr. Leonard, a.k.a. ShivaTali, stated the following for those who landed on his page in search of “11:11” answers (which I share according to the doctrine of “fair use”):

“During the last couple of years the numbers 11:11 have been catching my attention and others on all kinds of digital clocks; home, at work, on my computer, morning and evening, and I’m sure you have wondered as I’ve wondered what is going on? Why are these numbers appearing to us? I’ve shared these occurrences with friends. One sent me a post that 11:11 represents 11 = Universal Laws and the second 11 represents Spiritual laws of the Universe. Laws, that light- workers (If you are experiencing this phenominon, than you are a light worker, moving from the shadows to the light), are to embrace and use with one another.” [spelling unedited]

So far, Mr. Leonard has stated an experience that we have in common – seeing the numbers 11:11 on digital clocks everywhere, and morning and nighttime. We are in agreement that we wonder what it all means. However, that is where the agreement ends. Mr. Leonard wishes us to believe that:

“The 11:11 is the bridge To an entirely different spiral of evolution. The symbol of 11:11 was pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks long ago.”

We are also to believe that:

“11:11 is ‘a crack between worlds'” and a “pre-encoded trigger”.

Some really important questions arise:

  • What is 11:11, really?
  • Who “pre-encoded” the “trigger” into us?
  • How was it done?
  • Who set off the “trigger”?
  • What do we do with it now?
  • Do we have any say in this matter?

Based on the content of Mr. Leonard’s blurbs about 11:11 and Ms. Key’s posts where she holds forth on the mysteries of the universe (see below), we find that “The Universe” did all of this to us, because it recognizes us as “Lightworkers” and wants us to wake up now and start working. Apparently Mr. Leonard and Ms. Key (the self-styled “KeyMaster”) feel that they have the answers and have no compunction about ordering the newly awakened lightworkers to embrace the Spiritual Laws and Universal Laws, use them, and embrace other lightworkers with them.  They have no doubt when they tell you that you are to do thus and such, because they have identified what you are.

Just what those Universal Laws and Spiritual Laws are, Mr. Leonard never really reveals. It is apparently assumed that those who come to the site will be people who have seen 11:11 in various and multitudes of places and will be, therefore,  lightworkers who will already know that no matter what path they follow (except that of a true disciples of Christ), they are “okay”. The comment section, which as of this writing contains 715 posts, bears up this conclusion as fact.

After reading the wild surmising of Mr. Leonard in the blog, then I read about two and a half years’ worth of comments that contained bickering, slandering, backbiting, and so-called spiritual guidance from the “KeyMaster” (Ms. Key).  It was hard to pick out just a few items to share here, but the following post from last year is a good indication of the error of SoulCast’s teaching [my comments in brackets and bold]:

Keymaster1122 said on Apr 03, 2009….

General Jones…so good to hear from you and share in your adventures.  Wonderful work. I too have missed you.

Rain, [this is to a person called Rainwolf] you are awesome of course.  I do feel that this is indeed pastlife, and yes, they would be in this life too.  We are only made aware of past lives if we have something to complete [Ms. Key is very much a believer in Reincarnation and Karma].

I am loving your idea to blend together with a specific goal [Wait, didn’t the Universe trigger us for its own purposes? How, then, do we choose our own goals?]. We are indeed a special group as Jones says…..what could we do as a group to change our world?  What an exciting thought!

Sunray, your light does indeed shine bright. : )

Remember the IG song Galileo…

How long till my soul gets it right?
Can any human being ever reach that kind of light?

I think it possible, in fact, I think that is what 11:11 is all about.  Our souls get it right, and things change.  Our vibrations and the earth’s vibration changes into a different reality.  Maybe like Don Juan, or characters in The Celestine Prophesy.  Maybe like something we have never thought of before.

I also think that we are entering a Golden Age that will last a thousand years [The Millenium is the thousand-year reign of Christ on the earth before the judgment of the dead. Ms. Key may be a recovered Baptist, but she doesn’t mind borrowing ideas from the Bible in order to promote herself].  A new renaissance.

I am watching you all reach into untapped potential that no one ever told you about [And Ms. Key knows this how? She seems to enjoy giving the impression that she has her information straight from the Source, and she apparently feels qualified to speak to each person with authority about his or her life. For the one who takes her advice instead of seeking God’s will, what a potential for disaster!].  Go for it, my experience is that if you think you can do it, you can.  No matter how far-fetched.  I once healed an energy problem with the image of bubble gum, and it has held for about 3 years.  It isn’t as pink as when I first did it, but I can pink it up any time.  Use your instincts powerfully.  Use communication and energy in a powerful way.

Strengthen yourselves by pulling in the white energy (Love of God) [What God? If we are all God, then do we just start sucking energy out of each other?] and golden (healing) energy through the crown chakra, down the truck, out the limbs, and down to the core of the earth.  Hook on good, then bring it back up and out your sub-chakras in the palm of your hand.  Fill the area around you with the light.  You will feel great, it will clear and vitalize you.  Use this method for healing others as well, remembering always only to pour out energy, never pull in. [Ms. Key started this paragraph saying to pull in white energy, then she ends the paragraph by saying never pull in energy. Which is it, Ms. Key?] Combined with massage is fabulous.

I have done much karmic repair work in this lifetime, 3 husbands, 3 children, my mother, my father.  It is a requirement to reach full power…lightbodies.  The Hybrid Elohim, human angels. [REALLY BIG CLUE TO THE SOURCE OF MS. KEY’S ERROR! The “Hybrid Elohim” were not “human angels” – they were the ben elohim – sons of God (angels) who mated with the bath adam – daughters of men (women), and created a race of giants. Read Genesis  6:1-8. ELOHIM IS GOD ONLY! The error in this is so important to understand because the Dragon bloodline (the Serpent’s seed) is the Nephalim – Ms. Key’s so-called Hybrid Elohim, and they were first destroyed in the Flood in order to preserve the ONE clean and pure bloodline in Noah. Later, the Nephalim (offspring of angels and human women) were found in Canaan and some of the more famous ones were the Philistines, like Goliath of Gath, whom David slew. This kind of error leads people to wrong conclusions, and it is irresponsible of Ms. Key to call “good” something that God Himself called an abomination and damned.] You know I am either nuts or on to something.  Or both.  And the stories are wonderful.

How many of you are cognitively on the Ascension Path?

In service to you, I remain


Now, Keymaster is what she describes as a recovered Baptist. She clearly states that she is not a Christian any longer. In fact, if you take the couple of hours to wade through all the comments on that page, you can see that Ms. Key obviously feels she is in a place to:

  1. Knock Christians (she does this quite vehemently), but freely welcome pagans, shamans and other earth religious types
  2. Replace the truth of Jesus Christ with the lie of “Christ Consciousness”
  3. Tell others what to believe about their own experience (something she was against in the church she left)
  4. Speak down to others from her apparent lofty height as she holds court in Mr. Leonard’s forum
  5. Teach New Age doctrines of reincarnation, astral travel, aligning chakras, aroma-therapy, and other methods of what she and others call “Light Work”.

What is most amazing is the fact that these people who interact on this forum seem to be cowed down by Ms. Key, and they bow to her heavy sense of self-importance as the topic becomes less about what 11:11 means, and more a course of instruction in New Age religion.! I also noticed that the group did try to converse with one Christian who came to the forum (MindMansion), and there were big disconnects on both sides of the discussion. It seemed that both sides were so intent on proving a point to each other that the few times the white flag went up, it went unnoticed. It is sad.

What can we infer from Mr. Leonard and Ms. Key’s thoughts on the subject of 11:11? That’s subjective, and each one who reads may find a different point to comment on. We hope you will; we’ve provided the link to the article so that you can decide for yourself, After you’ve read it, if you choose to, you may comment.

We can infer a lot from what they do NOT include in their rather weak explanation of the 11:11 phenomenon – which is Adonai God’s point of view – and we see that they have simply used their website as a spider web to trap unsuspecting visitors and persuade them to their New Age explanation for a real-time experience (pardon the pun).

Our wish is not to beat up anyone. But we believe in the saying, “Let God be true and every man a liar”. If someone is adamantly teaching untruth, then we feel it is our duty to bring it to the light so we can discover what the real truth is.

How might we do better?


  1. Conundrum404 says:

    I posted a comment on soulcast and just went back to see if there were any replies to me and found your link. So I’ll post the comment here, too.
    Conundrum404 Mystery, page not found That’s me. Conundrum404. I was born on 1/22/1957 at 11:58 a.m. I see 11:11 everywhere lately. I have read almost all of this page. Don’t believe in reincarnation. Was a shaman, with owl as my spirit animal. Was a medium, psychic, bi-location, soul-reader. Studied the Red Road. Used tarot as a front for reading people (didn’t need the cards, they were just props) and disguised other spiritual gifts so I wouldn’t scare folks. I believe my gifts are from God, and I use them to help others. Lately, I am really concerned. Something really big and bad is coming down. The United States, as we know it, is about the change… irrevocably. Are we ready? I don’t believe that numerology is the answer to the question. Just because we are seeing numbers, it does not automatically follow that this is a case for Kabballa, Bible Codes, Astrology or Numerology. Couldn’t 11:11 mean that we are close to Midnight? I felt manipulated when I went to look up 11:11 on Google because it led me to a web site that said something to this effect: “So you’ve been seeing 11:11 so many times that you finally gave up on believing it was a coincidence and you decided to do a search on it.” The first words that came to my mind were “Smart A$$”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if someone googles something, then they are wondering. DUH! So, I guess you could say I don’t appreciate people with a gift for the obvious, but no understanding of reality or subtlety, etc. I’m still feeling manipulated. One person in this forum said (last year) that it doesn’t matter what our belief system is, and that we are all here for the same reason. I thought that might be mostly true, with a few notable exceptions. But then I saw all the stuff about dreams and reincarnation, and ghost busting, and “jack of all trades” stuff and I started to recoil. Now, I’m not here to bash anyone, or I wouldn’t have spent three hours reading all the preceding posts. But I have been around the mountain a number of times, and refuse to repeat that exercise in futility. So I’m just being clear when I say that I just don’t want to go back to the bad old days, or repeat any grades, and so I just don’t want to buy into that stuff. I’m a dreamer. I interpret dreams. I see spirits – good and evil. I feel manipulated by 11:11, and it makes me feel a great sense of disquiet within my spirit. Nephalim are NOT good, and not something to play around with. I have seen the hybrids, and they are damned… lost without hope of rehabilitation. We should not aspire to be like them, for they are part of the doom that is coming. They are to be pitied, but not embraced! I dare the “universe” to bring me the truth of 11:11! Not the rehashing of old vibrational crap, not the re-packaging of tired and worn “old” or “new” religion. The so-called “Illuminati”, the enlightened ones, are preparing a gunny sack for everyone who doesn’t fit with the tenets of the Georgia Guidestones, and everyone who doesn’t quit contemplating his navel long enough to pop his head up and take a good hard look around is going to get the sack. Some of you will undoubtedly feel this is just “negative vibrational stuff”. But some of you will know exactly what I mean. I am banking on that. Thank you for your time. Conundrum404

  2. conundrum404 says:

    Well, Ms. Keymaster wrote a note for me, basically minimizing my pain and accusing me of not telling the truth about reading the entire page. Here is what she said to Anonymous (who posted after my first post there), and to me – both answers are combined in one post:

    “Indeed, anonymous. Fear and intolerance definitely get in the way of being powerful for what is coming. And perspective on your purpose gives peace and power. Cunundrum404, perhaps if you had not been playing at being a Shaman or reading Tarot you could have found the clues and wisdom. I do not think that you really did read this post, I have been here for almost two years and have found courage and hope and so many lovely people from so many places of wisdom. That said, I hope you do find peace and purpose. Most of us have, and this posting has been a strong support for those with open minds and hearts. Peace and Abundance to you all. Key”


    Then, when I tried to post a reply, even though I joined the SoulCast site as Conundrum404 using one email account, I could not log in. So I have good reason to believe that Ms. Keymaster has had me locked me out of that “uncensored” site under my registered username. I tried to post anonymously, and when my post didn’t show up after three or four tries, I decided to join as Conundrum404 with my other email account. Then I saw my anonymous post show up, so there may end up being multiple posts on there from me because I didn’t realize that the server was having a glitch until I got a big error message on my screen. But since my first SoulCast user account was apparently scrubbed, I think I’d better post my reply here in the interest of exposing the bias over there toward followers of Christ who might stumble upon their site in search of answers regarding 11:11. What follows is my answer to Ms. Key’s unkind answer to my post.

    Believe me, Ms. Key, I read all of it. Every stitch of it. It took me three hours, and it brought back many memories for me. That is why I took the time to write to this forum. What a shame that you decided not to believe me. Well, that is your heart problem, not mine.

    For one who claims such “love and light”, you certainly minimized my pain for me. And the years I spent in misery and sadness, as you judgmentally characterized my “playing” at being a Shaman or reading Tarot, taught me much wisdom.

    I feel sorry for you, truly I do. How sad to be suspicious of others when the problem lies within your own heart. You walked away from Jesus, who is a PERSON and not just a consciousness. I pray that you will find your way back to Him before you get stuck in your blasphemy.

    It is clear that disciples of Christ are not trusted here, and that is very sad, because You are the one who set that tone. Yes, MindMaster fought with several of you, even when you reached out to him (or her – I think it was a woman, personally). It was an awkward dance you all danced. But when the dust settled, it seemed clear to me that You are the leader here, and You do not want people here who remind you of where you really belong.

    You can win this argument if you want to, and we’ll just let it go at that. But know this – I did not lie to you. The lie you suspected me of telling you was something that you felt within your own heart. That, too, makes me sad.

    I pray you find your way back home.

    Good bye. I won’t bother you anymore, and I won’t be back. But I will pray for you tonight.


    I tried to post this under my name, but I have been removed, so I had to try to post it anonymously. That wouldn’t work either, so I had to use my alternate email address. Guess this site is censored after all. So in case this disappears, I will post your reply and mine So I will post my answer on so I can have a fair chance to show how you answered me, and to answer your unkind and unloving words where all can see.

  3. I find it funny that someone truly wishing to find the “truth” about why 11:11 is haunting them can also very quickly throw out any and all “new age” wisdom. The thing that tickles me is that they may be willing to invest time and effort. the calling Wisdom that is colminating

    • Human^Becoming aka: General Jones lol says:

      lets try this again… rofl… moderation you can take down the previous post… thanks

      I find it funny that anyone truly wishing to find the “truth” about why 11:11 is haunting them can also very quickly throw out any and all “new age” wisdom. Especially when this new age wisdom is a culmination of so many old world ideas. The thing that tickles me is that they may be willing to invest time and effort delving into something that is very new age, a digital time phenomenon, and trying to make it fit comfortably into their deeply established believe system. I have been experiencing my tap on the shoulder for nearly 5 years now. The general concept of what is happening still blows my wig back.

      I will start by saying that I am more weary of someone sharing their truth with me than I am of someone trying to sell me something. I’ll speak only for myself on this matter. I will never find the truth about 11:11, and even if I did, I would not be able to share it with someone else, no matter how comfortable they are with “out there” ideas. This journey is an internal one. The kingdom of God lies within.

      I will now address Conundrum404’s original post on a thread I’ve been loosely involved in for over a year now… I will ignore the biting comments made about my words and experiences for the time being, simply because they where prefaced with…

      “Now, I’m not here to bash anyone, or I wouldn’t have spent three hours reading all the preceding posts.”(404) Thanks for that…

      I sincerely wanted to post a reply to your comments because I felt a need to reach out. It is just to bad that Key came to you first in defense of me. We may have been able to have a meaningful joust, but now I’m here… Your use of the word manipulated had me concerned. “I feel manipulated by 11:11, and it makes me feel a great sense of disquiet within my spirit.”(404) That does indeed sound like a disconcerting situation. A situation that definitely needs to be addressed for the sake of your well being. It seems that you are in a comfortable place in your life that allows you to effectively filter out the nonsense and discern the ideas that work for you. You are already well on your path to making peace with 11:11 in your own mind. That is if you are willing to let some new ideas slip through the cracks of your believe system. Could that be the point of the tap on your shoulder? Something wants you to question what it is that you know about yourself. It was obvious to me as well that when I first searched the web for answers, that there is a lot of “out there” ideas. Particularly channeled messages from midwayers and space command put me back a bit. There was a reason I didn’t get involved with those sites. This was just another example of someone trying to share their “truth” with me. It is not to say that these ideas were not useful, as soon as you can identify what something is not, you are closer to seeing it for what it really is, for you at least.

      And now for some thoughts about our emending doom and how to avoid the gunny sack. rofl. Man you are preaching to the choir. This is the one common thread between the people that are experiencing this phenomenon. We all see things going to hell in a handbag. The difference between the people that are being tapped on the shoulder and the people that are turning around and answering the call is fear. You are being called because the big man, or what ever name you assign creator, knows that you are strong enough to overcome the fear and actually make a difference. The effort would not be wasted on you if you weren’t. The battle between good and evil is not to be fought between angels and demons. We are the warriors. The battlefield is this plain we call earth.

    • Well Jones, I don’t know you, but I’d be willing to bet that you have not been through as many religions (including Catholicism, Sant Mat, Pentacostalism, Wicca, Shamanism, several other Christian denominations, Buddhism, and many others) and belief systems as I have. That includes New Age in a myriad of forms. But I also would be willing to bet that if you are being completely honest with me, you cannot say that you have done the same. Have you actually read the entire Bible with an open mind? If you have, you should be able to converse with me on that topic with some capability. If not, then you are the one who should read it before you make such a comment. If you knew me, you’d be astonished at the paths I have traveled, and you would at least understand why I make the warnings I make. I hope you will wish to continue to dialogue with me, because my sense is that you are an intelligent person and that you actually care. I hope I am correct. Shalom.

  4. Human^Becoming aka: General Jones lol says:

    …And now to get back to the biting comments made about my words and experiences…and to my peers

    Conundumb404… Grand Inquisitor…To say that something has been left out of our discussion as a slight to your God is a bit near sided. If any point of view has been left out it is because you haven’t added it. It is unfortunate that you have already excluded yourself from the debate. To each their own. If anything, my words feel left out of your verbal joust up top. Maybe you had a hard time finding something to say against me. I’d be more than willing to defend myself to you, as I know that my words came from the heart. Even funnier than the paradox you find yourself in, is that you originally made your verbal pokes at me. Key was quick to reprimand you like a nun with a ruler, and you quickly shifted gears to agitate her.
    You speak about slandering and back biting going on early into the growth of our forum. Did you actually read any of Mind’s posts. If so, I’m sorry, what a dunce. We pride ourselves on our ability to articulate our own thoughts. Copy and pasting from the MindMansion version of the bible is less than that. No thanks, I have my own copy. My descending view of that person is not because of his religious views, but because of the fear and anger that he harbored, and would often spit. I can tolerate it as long as it has cause. At least you seem to be able to voice a viable POV, despite your thoughts on paper being garbled and unorganized. It is unfortunate that you are number two on our forum to instigate that back biting. Even more unfortunate that you seem to believe that you speak from kindness and love.
    I’m not terribly sure what you are getting at with censorship on the sight. You obviously hadn’t discovered the sadomasochistic blogs that are all over that sight. They make no qualms about it. Soulcast has no affiliation with our views. In fact none of the active commenters have their own posts. I am a bit skeptical of the moderating done on this sight. Congratulations, you officially have the only thread on this site with an active conversation. Everything else seems to be agenda propagation. Being that your one of very few people that have posts here I wouldn’t be surprised if you get an email to moderate your own threads. But thanks for the invite to this sight, though im not sure that it is your “fair chance to show how you answered me, and to answer your unkind and unloving words where all can see.”

    How might we do better?
    Good luck with that. Truth Seeker

    • conundrum404 says:

      Hi General Jones. Does that mean you are not specific? (just kidding) Actually not one speck of that was aimed at you. I’m impressed that you decided to comment to me here, and it’s kind of cool. I did read all of MindMaster’s posts. I disagreed with quite a few things s/he had to say, even though s/he is a believer in Christ. But we are free to disagree on minor things. I don’t believe in Kabbalah or Numerology because these are simply man’s systems of belief surrounding a lot of superstition. Frankly, I was disappointed in MindMaster’s explanation – even though initially I was excited at first that there was another follower of Christ in the forum. But not all followers of Christ are alike in their faith, and that is because we all came from different backgrounds and some were born into the faith while others came to it after much searching (that would be me).

      You seem to think that the slandering and backbiting was aimed at you. Actually nothing that I said was aimed at you. I saw the “dance” as I called it – the kind of dance where both partners try to lead and end up stepping on each others’ toes. I didn’t like MindMaster’s condescending tone either. You can hold an extremely opposite view from others but not cut them down in the process.

      So, if what I said to the general forum was taken as an insult (what I said to Ms. Key is a different issue altogether), then I apologize for coming on too strongly. I meant no personal offense, even though I feel offended at the assumptions that so-called leaders make about the 11:11 issue.

      As to the SoulCast site in general (not specific threads), I read the titles of the threads and decided I had no business visiting them. I was talking specifically about the 11:11 post that I commented on. I went back to answer Ms. Key and found that my previous login was no longer good. Then I couldn’t even post as anonymous, so I thought they had banned my IP address. Turns out they didn’t do that, they simply banned my previous login. I was able to post anonymously but the server was slower than back in the 90’s.

      Anyway, I am a contributing writer for this site, and so yes, it is a place where you and others can come and talk. The owner of the site censors foul language and won’t allow flames or trolls. Other than that, it is moderated but uncensored.

      Take care.


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